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From Bulgarian Language To Worldwide Alphabet

(racconto scienza, medio - per tutti)
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Descrizione: In English. This is English adaptation of my latest ideas for worldwide alphabet going out from Bulgarian language as the better from all Slavonic (& other) languages. From now on this material becomes the first on the topic.

Incipit: The topic of this material isn't new for me, it has a history of more than 10 (rather 20) years and I have dedicated to it several materials, both in English and Russian, like, in the beginning "An Illiterate World", after some time "Myrski's English transliteration", then a whole folder in Russian titled "Для всех СНГ-ейцев " ("For All CIS People"), and later on adapted folder of the former titled "For Arabs, Chinese, and Hindus (the best world language". …

From Bulgarian Language To Worldwide Alphabet
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From Bulgarian Language To Worldwide Alphabet di Chris Myrski è pubblicata sotto licenza Creative Commons Attribuzione - Non commerciale - Non opere derivate 3.0 Italia.
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Descrizione: In Russian. Это последняя версия моих идей о мировом алфавите, исходя из болгарского языка как самого правильного из всех славянских (и не только) языков. С этого момента этот материал становится первым по теме.
incipit: Тема этого материала для меня не новая, она имеет более чем 10-летнюю (почти что 20-) историю и я посвятил ей несколько материалов, и на русском и на английском, как, сначала "Неграмотный мир", через некоторое время "Myrski's English transliteration", а потом ещё целая папка "Для всех СНГ-ейцев ", и потом также папка на английском под названием "For Arabs, Chinese, and Hindus (the best world language". Тем не менее…

tags: #bulgarian alphabet(2)    #graphical image(2)    #in russian(13)    #last version(2)    #new letters(2)    #types of phonemes(2)    #world alphabet(2)    #bulgarian language(3)

Descrizione: In English. This is what is said, yet written in my popular and untraditional manner like the previous social essays.
incipit: This is popular article about the proper way to get old, which includes: introduction, concrete chapters about the right look at the medicine & moderation, the dangers of fast transitional periods (to the old age), cares about the body & its organs (based on personal experiences), then about the brain, and philosophical conclusive remarks. It is intended for people after the middle of the life, about 40, but deals chiefly with pensioners. The traditional poetical Appendix is also not forgotten.

tags: #comparisons(5)    #etymology(21)    #funny(58)    #in english(13)    #non traditionally(23)    #philosophy(27)    #pro and contra(7)    #proofs(4)    #barbarity(5)

Descrizione: In English. This is what is said, yet written in my popular and untraditional manner like the previous social essays.
incipit: In English. This is a thorough, methodical, etymological, philosophical, yet also popular and funny essay or study about especially Bulgarian barbarity, with many examples and comparisons between us and the other countries. It is long, but it is so /untraditional/, that I think it is worth the efforts to read it. The usual (and funny) poetical Appendix after the end is also not forgotten.

tags: #comparisons(5)    #etymology(21)    #funny(58)    #in english(13)    #non traditionally(23)    #philosophy(27)    #pro and contra(7)    #proofs(4)    #barbarity(5)

Descrizione: In English. This is what is said, yet written in my popular and untraditional manner like the previous social essays.
incipit: This is both, philosophical and funny essay about such unprovable things like the existence of God, the Creation, the organized matter, the ad hoc method of creation of what can be created and without global sight at the things, and some other related questions, with the addition of traditional poetical Appendix.

tags: #creation(9)    #funny(58)    #in english(13)    #matter(3)    #non traditionally(23)    #philosophy(27)    #pro and contra(7)    #religion(16)    #thoughtfully(3)    #god(3)

Descrizione: This is an etymological & educational paper, but written in frivolous & funny manner, discussing the grammatical genders, some forms related with them, the sexes, the very sexual organs, as well also some philosophical observations about the sexes.
incipit: This text is like subtitle. | This is belletristic work, and rather etymological essay, but it, still, can be taken as libretto for a musical piece with one introductory and 5 other movements, namely: | 0. adagio, lento, asessuale; | 1. andante assai cantabile; | 2. rondo mirabilmente giocoso; | 3. allegro vivace e sessuale; | 4. larghetto pensoso e melodioso; | 5. finale burlescamente furioso. ||

tags: #different languages(2)    #etymology(21)    #funny(58)    #hidden ideas(2)    #in english(13)    #interesting(2)    #philosophy(27)    #sexes(2)    #sexual organs(2)    #genders(2)

Descrizione: This is English translation of poetically-prosaic collection of 50+ shortened (to 11 lines) sonnets, which are spitting at our messed transition to democracy, that for 30 years can't finish, with many analyses & propositions; the verses are retold.
incipit: In the original the title is "Driving through the millet" what is idiom for doing something utterly non-carefully, but I hope that for English reading audience "Helter-Skelter" sounds good enough. The manner of the verses is free-boulevard, with Botev's sarcasm in many places, and of the comments is philosophically deep, i.e. this is not plebeian negation of everything, yet the book is addressed exactly to the common people, hoping that they will try to show a bit of reason, before…

tags: #bulgarian democracy(2)    #funny(58)    #hardest critique(2)    #in english(13)    #inimitable(4)    #philosophically(25)    #profound discussion(2)    #prose(7)    #poetry(17)

Descrizione: This is poetical collection of humorous verses in my usual style, id est with nursery thymes, stressing not on feelings but on interesting /ideas/, which are of mixed nature as: philosophical, cynic, funny, etc.; I have gathered them for 5 years.
incipit: Maybe a pair of paragraphs are necessary in the beginning. Because, for one thing, I want to write more poetry in English, for the reason that I have till now circa 10 thousand lines of funny poetry in Russian and at least 8 thousands (in 2015) in Bulgarian, and counting myself for a world writer (what is the essence of my pseudonym – Myrski comes from Russian 'mir', what is both, world and peace), I feel myself bound to increase my, maybe just a thousand or two, poetical lines in English. …

tags: #for children(6)    #funny(58)    #in english(13)    #limericks(6)    #myrskets(3)    #parodies(6)    #philosophically(25)    #sexy(31)    #light verse(2)

Descrizione: This is English adaptation of prosaic part, of one unexpected poetical impromptu, this time sextets of type ABABBA. These things in the most shameless manner spit at our democratic "achievements", that put us at the rightful last place in the EU.
incipit: This is my variant of mass protests in Bulgaria in the 2020, only that I don't cry "Down with this Government (let a new one takes place)!" but criticize the whole botched transition to our utmost /right-wing/ democracy, which turned to a long, 30 years for the moment, /war devastation/ of the country, which will end (after quarter to half century) with our disappearance as a country, not only in absolute number of the citizens, but also in sense of Bulgarian ethnicity!

tags: #anti democratic(2)    #funny(58)    #in english(13)    #inimitable(4)    #poetry(17)    #political review(2)    #retelling of verses(1)    #sarcastic(2)    #critically(8)

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